Printable Halloween Treat Labels

Friday, October 25, 2013


My children are getting quite excited for Halloween.  They have been counting down since September, so you can imagine the sheer joy they expressed when I told them it was less than a week a way.  My ears are still ringing from the shrieking… literally.
I’ve always been somewhat of a procrastinator… in all honesty I probably should omit the word “somewhat”.  Since we are less than a week out, I thought I would make some fun printables for those (ME) that are doing any last minute projects (Again, ME. But, hopefully through this I can find some people that procrastinate as much as me and maybe we can be procrastinating buddies… … …Anyone?).
So, here it is:
Feel free to download this HERE.
I used these for two different projects.
 For the first I made treat jars to hand out to some of our neighbors.  I printed out 2 of the image per page ( 8 circles total) so that they would be smaller.  I then cut them out and glued them to a scalloped circle, and then onto a folded paper rosette (for which I used this tutorial.  Seriously, make some right now.  They are so fun!)
I had so much fun making the rosettes, I decided to make some larger ones to hang on a wall in our home that was needing some holiday decoration love.  This time I just printed out 1 image per page because I wanted them larger for this project.
I cut out the shapes and glued them on some scalloped circles (my husband just got me a Sizzix, thus the many scalloped circles… I may have a problem.)

Then I glued them on the folded paper rosettes…

and hung them on wall.  I love them, but I love not having a bare wall even better!
Happy Halloween!
P.S.  Here’s one more printable, just for fun.  Enjoy!
Feel free to download this HERE.

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