Oh Good Golly…

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
I feel like I have to apologize and give a brief explanation as to why I have been slightly slacking in the blogging department lately. You see, when I found out I would be separated from the hubs for the holidays, I decided it would be an awesome idea to come home to be with my family.
(Technically both of our families, since they only live a few miles apart from each other.)It has been amazing to be back and visiting with everyone.
My boys finally get to be with their cousins and they are loving every minute of it!

There were just a couple of things I did NOT think about, one of them was my little blog.
I had a bunch of pics ready for about 10 future posts, and I didn’t even think to e-mail them or put them on a memory card before we left.

I know… I know.
I am quite literally hitting my head against the table.

Just thinking about it makes me frustrated all over again.

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself.

The good news is I DID bring my camera with me!!
I have been working on some cute crafts for the holidays and am taking pictures galore.
I am also starting to work on a gorgeous
Buggy Wheel quilt that my wonderful grandma is helping me with.
(Seriously, she is a quilting genius!)

Keep stopping by, I am still here and as always

Happy Crafting!

November 30, 2011 at 1:12 PM
Are you still in town? Or have you gone home?

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