Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This weekend marked the end of the
Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge.

It’s just oh so bittersweet.

I definitely would describe this challenge as a crash course in self control.
Sweets are still a weakness of mine, but at least I know now I am strong enough to resist.
I think that is the most important lesson I learned:

You’re only as strong as you allow yourself to be.

That being said, after the 21 days I did do a little celebrating sweet wise.
How did I celebrate you might ask?

Buttermilk syrup and homemade pancakes, 3 slices of my Mom’s famous cheesecake, and Martinelli’s…
all over the course of a couple days of course!
It was heavenly and oh so yummy.

I still eat sweets, but not as much as I did before the challenge.
My favorite is a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips,
which I must say is vast improvement over
the half dozen or so chocolate chip cookies I used to consume.

Now that the challenge is over,
I’ve been contemplating what to do with this blog
and I finally decided I’m going to keep doing it.

I’ve learned that I LOVE blogging!
It is such a fantastic way to have fun and meet new people.

I’ve learned that I LOVE crafting.
I love creating, and I love sharing my ideas with everyone.
It’s my passion, and I can’t imagine NOT doing it.

I have so much more I want to share and so many crafts that I still want to do!
Even if there is just one person reading this, I will be here writing.
So please stick around, and as always

Happy Crafting!

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