Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Sweeting

I love Sundays!
They are just so relaxing and a great way to get ready for the week.

My usual Sunday schedule is:

Go to church
Family time
Sunday dinner
Littlest boy gets in bed & oldest boy gets some IPad time.

After this I like to plan out what sort of crafty things I might do for the week, and
that involves perusing around on my favoritest of sites, PINTEREST.
I call this my Sunday Sweeting (check here).

Here are some of my most loved finds today:


We are trying so to save money right now, and that means no extra money for new clothes.
The amazing thing is I'm actually excited about this because it means I'm going to have to get creative. Pinterest is filled with fantastic ideas & tutorials that will help revamp my current wardrobe. I can't wait to try some of these out!

This shirt is from blog Ruffles & Stuff. I love it!
She just does the most a-mazing and creative projects, and this is just one of them.
If you haven't checked out her site DO... it's awesome!

How cute is this?! This scarf is from Desiree over at Cozihome.
Looking at this actually makes me excited for winter!

This pic is from Jessica over at A Simple Kind of Life. and
had originally gotten the idea from here. These are just so oh-my-gosh gorgeous!
Love love love them!

Have you seen these everywhere? Because I have!
So adorable! You can buy them at this shop.
I'm hoping at some point I can find someway to make them.


I can't believe how much I've been seeing this material pop up lately. I've seen it used in pillows, wreaths, accents for decor, frames, and pretty much anything you could think of!
I love it's rustic feel and it just seems oh so perfect fall.

A-mazing! I just can't express enough how much I love this. The shape it creates is so stunning.
Check it out at Smilemonsters blog.

This came from Style Me Pretty.
So simple, yet so beautiful. The combination with the glass and the silver just makes me happy... it's that stunning.

What are you planning on creating this week?

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