Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh for the love of bookmarks!

As you know by now yesterday was
Day 4 of the Crafting Over Sweeting challenge.
It's time for the Sweeting update!

Sweets eaten- Nada.

Sweet cravings- Surprisingly, none.
By George I think this challenge is working!

I tried to voice my frustration of this week's craft in the title. Holy Moly!
Usually these crafts take me a day, maybe two.
This one took me three. Yep, three. For a bookmark.

Sometimes crafts just click. You know what you want to do, what colors
you want to do it in and how you want to do it.
Other times you just need to fail ( sometimes a whole lot)
before you complete something you love.

I LOVE the finished version of this week's craft! I think the reason I love it
so much is because I went through so many failed versions
of it before I finally made the one I love.

Now for our Crafting update. This week's featured craft is the:
Shabby Stamp Bookmark

For this craft you will need:

1 Book page
* I got this page from a worn and slightly dilapidated 1980's book about telephone repair.
If you just can't pull yourself to getting one from a book though (which I completely
understand) just print off the words of your favorite book on cream card stock. *

1 sheet of card stock
*I like the decorative variety, but to each their own.*

1 eyelet
*any size you prefer, I used large*

Assorted stamps and ink

*Mine were from Wal-Mart for under $1*

Small scraps of ribbon, fabric and tulle


Cut the book page to 2"x 5" Cut the cardstock to 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" Stamp your bookpage with preferred stamps
**I also took a papertowel, dabbed it in ink and rubbed a litte
around the edges of the bookpage.**

Glue together together the two pieces, putting the bookpage on top.

Cut a hole towards the top and insert you eyelet.

Tie ribbon, tulle, and fabric strips into the opening of the eyelet.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Love this! I think I will have to make me one of these.

  2. Thanks you guys! They really are so super easy, I'm want to throw a book themed party just so I can make them for favors.