Sunday, October 9, 2011

My new Sunday sweets...

Sunday's are the hardest days to not eat sweet things. When we get home from church, I love making some sort of deliciousness. It's just ingrained in my routine and I constantly have to stop myself from reaching for the leftover chocolate chips to make some cookies, or the cream cheese in the fridge to make cheesecake. I know it will be worth it in the end, but by golly today I just wanted a brownie... or Snickers.

Now, instead of dreaming (too much) about sweets on Sundays, I try to dream about crafting.
I'm still crafting up a storm and am working on a lot of projects to feature in the upcoming week. Today I just wanted to take a break from doing a normal craft post and feature some of the things I dream about making.

The first few I found perusing this site. What can I say besides Miss Martha most definitely knows her stuff!

I know I'm not supposed to be even thinking about candy, but this was just to cute NOT to post.
Beautiful... and would you believe I'm referring more to the glass containers then the candy?

Creepy, yet gorgeous all at the same time.

My oldest boy just loved these. When he saw them he quite accurately described them as "zombie pumpkins". Which left me wondering, where did you learn about zombies?

I know that I'm a bit obsessed with wreaths, but you can never go wrong with a good wreath in your decor. This one is certainly no exception.

Rhinestones... need I say more?
(Find here.)

I know this one really doesn't go with the theme of Halloween, but it's just to cute NOT to post.
If I could, I would by thousands of these button letter wall hangings (found here).
I would have 12 for every room and then get some for friends and family.
It is adorable!

What are some crafts you'll be working on this week??
As always...
Happy Crafting!

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