Saturday, October 22, 2011

Melted crayons... who knew?

If you have not seen melted crayon art simply type those words into
Google and see what you have been missing.
I have seen this all over the place. It can be found on multiple blogs, Pinterst, is pretty much everywhere!
(You can find the originals here. Her Etsy shop is so much fun!)

Needless to say once I saw it I knew I had to try it!

For this craft you will need:

1 blank canvas

*Enough to extend across the whole top.
Mine was a rather long canvas so I used the 120 pack.*

Hair dryer or a heat gun

Hot glue gun

Ooh, so many colors!!

Organize the crayons in the order you find most appealing.

Use your hot glue to attach them to the canvas.

Get your hair dryer and heat gun and start melting!
**Helpful Tip: If you are using a hair dryer, keep it as close to the crayons and situate it near the middle of them. If you get too close to tips, the melting wax will splatter instead of run. This was a trick I learned a little too late, so I had to kind of roll with the splattered look.**

This is no good,
massive amounts of splattering is about to happen and I was clueless.

This is much better! You can see that it is beginning to run instead of splatter.

So cool!!

You can tell I was really working the splatters at the end.
I just went with it, and ended up really loving it!

This is such an awesome project and all the materials only cost me around $10,
which is another major plus.

Who know melting crayons could be so much fun??

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. I seriously need to do this with my boys. They would LOVE it!!!