Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 6: Fabric Rosette

I'm still trying to catch up from not posting a couple days ago, so tonight I have two different craft tutorials... for reals. The day before yesterday was day 6 of the
Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge
Time for my Sweeting update!
Sweets eaten: 0... yay!
Sweets craved: 0
I think it may have had something to do with the trip to the ER,
though I would rather be in a room filled with sweet deliciousities
I couldn't eat then do THAT over again.

The day 5 craft was:
Fabric Rosettes

These are so adorable and so easy to make. You can also use them for so many things!
T-shirts, jewelry, home decor, headwear... you name it! I am going to be making lots of these for an accent pillow I'm putting together for our bedroom and I'm so excited.

For this craft you will need:

A strip of awesomely cute fabric
*The length really depends on how big you want your rosette.
Longer for a bigger flower and shorter for a smaller one.*

Your trusty glue gun

1 circle cut from quilt batting

*I started using quilt batting because once upon a time that's all
I had to work with. Now, I like using it because it a little softer and
will kind of contour to the fabric.*

That's it!

Glue your strip of fabric in half
*If you arent' using PRINTED fabric, feel free to skip this step.*

Tie a knot at one end

Glue knot into center of your circle

Put glue around the knot

Twist your fabric and place it on the glue
while going around the knot.

Glue, Twist, Wrap, Repeat.

Oh my goodness... have I mentioned I LOVE these!

Glue your tail underneath the rosette

Trim any of the batting the might be sticking out and..


Happy Crafting!!

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