Thursday, October 13, 2011


As you know by now, yesterday was Day 12 of the

Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge.

Sweets eaten: None.

I must confess though that I ate a couple of chewy granola bars and feel completely guilty about it. I wouldn't technically classify them as "sweets", but they were sugary enough that just eating them got me craving some bigger desserts. Needless to say I will be avoiding them now, just to be safe :).

Sweets craved: This. So yummy lookin!

Today I'm going to be doing my featured craft section a little differently.
When I started this challenge I knew I wanted to do a small giveaway at the halfway point,
and a bigger giveaway whe
n I finished
(you know, just to show you awesome readers some appreciation :D).

This weekend was the halfway point. YAY!
I almost didn't realize it, but when I did I started working on my small little something for the first giveaway.

Here's a little something you need to know about me. I LOVE making stuff for girls. Clips, bows, quilts... you name it! There's only one problem,
I am a mother of two beautiful BOYS.
I love them very much, but the fact is they don't like to wear bows.

So with that in mind here is the Halfway There Giveaway:

and here's a close up:

These are black felt rosettes similar to the flowers made for this wreath.
They're made with glitter felt, which adds a touch of sparkle.

So? You want them? I know you do!

Here's what you have to do:

1- Leave a comment telling me about the crafts you
like to do for Halloween.

2- That's it!

I'll be keeping this contest open through the weekend and announce the winner Monday morning. Remember to make sure I have a way to contact you, whether through your profile or the comment. Good Luck and as always...

Happy Crafting!

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**This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone for participating!**


  1. Decorating Pumpkins is a craft I love to do every year, and your cupcake paper painting on the pumpkins was awesome!
    But, I think this year I have my eyes on making a Halloween garland like you made!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I make bows and am in the exact same boat =) It seems as though I like to make pumpkins for halloween. Fabric, wood, or paper. I have made them all lol

  3. I didn't even know glitter felt existed :) As for Halloween, I'm not really brave enough to make my kids' costumes, but I like to make accessories to jazz up their costumes a little (a matching trick or treat bag, jewelry, etc.)

  4. The only crafty thing I do for Halloween is carve pumpkins...maybe in the next few years I will get more into crafting when I am not so busy with Steve's school and my work plus little kids. I would like to start making halloween outfits.

  5. Pumpkins of course and making sugar cookies. And love the glitter felt!

  6. I helped my kids make Halloween books using glitter foam stickers. -Rachel

  7. I love pumpkins, and candles all around the house make Halloween more mystical for me.

  8. We love to make our costumes every year, and making all sorts of candy and cookies! A couple of years ago we made candy corn! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. Scarlette likes to decorate for holidays, so for Halloween we make paper ghosts, bats and pumpkins and put them all over the house.

  10. First I just want to say how inspiring you and your blog have been. I love what you are doing and it makes me want to do more crafts. For Halloween I love carving pumpkins with the kids and decorating the outside of the house for the trick or treaters.