Saturday, October 1, 2011

To dream about ice cream...

As you know today was the very first day of the
Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge.
One day down only twenty more to go!

I've had a couple of missteps today. Who knew that Double Mint gum had 2 grams of sugar PER STICK?? I sure didn't! It probably didn't help that before I discovered this I chewed four of them. *insert head hung in shame*

Okay, shame fest done. What today was really about was changing habits and realizing how much I actually eat sweets. It has been a long time since I've ever gone a day with out having some sort of little candy or baked good (knowingly) , and it feels really good! I'm getting even more excited for the next twenty days.

Today's craft was a

Felt Flower Wreath

I love these! They are super easy, and a great way to add that fun-little-something to a room. They involve a lot of repetitive motions (wrapping the yarn around the wreath) and steps (lots of felt flowers), but there simple and perfect for a day filled with movies, fave TV shows,
or for me Conference. An added bonus of awesomeness, the
materials for this craft were under
$3!! A-mazing. Are you getting excited??

I'll be uploading the pictures and steps in the next few hours. Until then gather you're felt, yarn and glue gun and get ready! :)

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