Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 11: Paint, pumpkins, and more paint

Day 11 of the
Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge
as you know was yesterday, and there's actually not to much to report so I'll keep it short.

ets eaten: None
Sweets craved: My Mom's cheesecake... it's A-MAZING.
It's like light, fluffy bits of heaven that melt in your mouth... Mmmmm.

The day 11 featured Halloween craft is:

I really do love these pumpkins. They are super easy to make,
and who doesn't love spray painting?

I will admit though, it has been one of THOSE crafting days. I've been through various versions and designs before I landed on this one. Lots of painting... lots and lots. This is the best one out of the bunch (I know... there's a smudge on the "O". Can we just imagine it away this once??).
Then the day ended with a puffy paint debacle that almost brought me to tears, but we'll save that for later.
Even through all of that, I am still really excited about the end result!

For this craft you will need:

Cupcake Wrappers
*who knew they could be so versatile?*

*as many as you wish*

Spray paint of choice
*Mine is metallic bronze by Rustoleum*

Spray Adhesive
*Prepare ventilation people!*

Letters, shapes or phrase of your choice
*Bats, skulls, "SPOOKY", really whatever floats your creative boat.*

Take 3 cupcake wrappers and attach just 2 together,
then spray the backs with your spray adhesive.

Attach the last link (to form a circle) and stick onto the top of your pumpkin.
**Press firmly all around and make sure nothing is sticking up.**

Spray then attach any shapes or phrases.

Spray paint!
**My most favoritest part :)**

Carefully remove the attached items of awesomness and...


I totally want to make some more of these. Practice makes perfect, and I know these are SO worth it!

Happy Crafting!

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Oh yeah, the puffy paint incident. Well, here is the pumpkin in question:

Now this was sitting on our kitchen counter drying and my three year old found it. We now have to repaint half of our front room and two-thirds of our dining room. I'll just let your imaginations run wild to figure out how THAT happened.


  1. That is a cool! Love the details it creates.

    I would love if you can link it up to my weekly party @

  2. Thanks Q! The really great thing about cupcake wrappers is there are so many designs to choose from, you could really do a lot of fun stuff.

    I would love to link up! Thanks for introducing me to your blog, it has some really great tutorials

  3. (found ya on a link party)
    I havent seen those cupcake wrappers before.. where did you get them from? The pumpkins turned out great!

  4. Thanks for visiting Kelly! I got these cupcake wrappers from Wal-mart in their Halloween section. They also had some with a spiderweb design that I loved! You can also find cupcake wrappers in the cake decorating section of most crafting stores.