Saturday, October 8, 2011

1 week down, 2 more to go!

Well, it yesterday marked the end of the first week of the
Crafting Over Sweeting Challenge

First for the Sweeting update:

Sweets eaten: 0
Sweets craved: Too many to list :D

I feel so good! This challenge has just been amazing for me. I still crave sweets, but I don't think that will change anytime soon. I've also had few missteps, but all in all I'm pretty proud of myself. Before this challenge I was eating half pan of brownies or a dozen cookies at one sitting... no joke. Now, I can just go without and the only feeling I can describe is RELIEF. I'm slowly but surely getting healthier and stronger... I can feel it and not just physically, but emtionally and mentally too. I also feel that if I can do this, I can really do anything!

Onto our Craft of the Day!

Tie It In a Knot Headband

I LOVE this headband! I am at home most of the day and I just like something that is cute, comfortable and keeps the hair out of my eyes while I'm chasing my little boys. It's a headband that will make you think "Wow, I look cute today!"... and how can that be bad? :)

For this craft you will need:

Two 2 1/2"x 36" strips of lovely fabric
*I like using fabric from pre-cut jellyrolls and trimming to size*

Sewing Machine

Iron and Ironing board

Wooden kabob skew
*You'll see why, just trust me*

Take you two strips of fabric and taper both ends.
*I start about 4 inches up and curved toward the end*

Put the two strips together, with the printed sides facing towards each other

Start sewing about 5 inches from one of the ends and continue your way around ending
about an 1 inch from where you initially started.
*This is going to make your opening to pull your fabric through when you're flipping it inside out.*

Press the seams the seam with the iron

Beginning with the shorter side, pull your fabric through the opening you made
** Helpful Hint: If you forgot to make the opening (like I did the first time), just use
scissors or a seam ripper to make one. Again, do it 5 inches from one of the ends.**

Use your wooden kabob skewer to help pop out the point.

Continue flipping the fabric inside out.

Now that you have flipped it inside out finger press along the edges.

Iron to make nice, neat and oh so pretty.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Now just sew up the opening!
*you can hand sew or just sew it close on your machine.
You really won't see it because it will be in the knot when you tie it on.*


Happy Crafting!!

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